Industrial control and natural manufacture

The industrial approach that BioPastis has created around food includes two foundational conditions:

the use of raw materials of exclusively natural origin, renouncing the use of additives or preservatives of a synthetic nature, and the elaboration faithful to strict sanitary control processes, part of them regulated by national regulations and another part by our own intervention measures and analysis. Maintaining these two conditions for successive years allows us to speak, more than a production, of an «industrial reproduction» of the culinary practices that for centuries have allowed traditional confectionery to feed successive generations of people, to whom BioPastis today offers desserts and natural foods of great nutritional value, flawless flavor and absolute health guarantee

Balance between nutrition and taste

BioPastis conceives each of its products as a response to current trends in nutrition and health. For years, these trends have included taste as an essential component of food quality.

Indeed, after having focused its efforts on creating a production process involving natural ingredients and sanitary control technologies, BioPastis turned its interest towards the added value of the greatest differential advantage in the market: taste. Our corporate doctrine obliges us to preserve the natural flavors of food in any phase of industrial processing, safeguarding the nuances and sensory textures that the recipe promises. Thinking of a full diet, the contribution of the necessary nutrients that characterizes our desserts and foods does not avoid generating a feeling of well-being and satisfaction derived from the pleasures that the palate demands.

We use raw materials of exclusively natural origin.

BioPastis and the Science

There will be no adequate food processing without control processes. Any model of sanitary control that detracts from the nutritional value of the food will not make sense.

BioPastis goes to Science to confirm those business performance criteria that directly influence the design of food products. Based on the scientific theory of nutrition, on the multi-organ component that regulates taste sensations and on the physical-chemical behavior of food, BioPastis manufactures foods designed to provide a healthy and balanced diet. The professionals involved in this task come from different scientific and professional areas, and they work so that their knowledge contributes a generous market value.

BioPastis and food regulations

The preparation of our food follows the process specified by the regulatory standard (ISO 22000) and meets the conditions required in any of its phases.

However, our interest in offering our consumers sanitary excellence has taken us beyond what is required by the regulatory text and BioPastis hBioPastis has established a program of standard control measures in addition to the standard that regulates the production of the product. As an example, we can say that in any of its phases the analytical control of BioPastisexceeds the regulations, extreme the conditions of storage, transport, and distribution, and allows the marketing of the food only when it is considered suitable for consumption.

1993 - 2018

We recently commemorated our 25th anniversary