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  • 02012109 Linda´s Fudge Cake

    Spectacular chocolate cream cake filled with 6 layers of juicy chocolate sponge cake with chocolate drops, and between layers our magnificent chocolate fudge cream. Decorated on the surface and on the plinth with wavy fudge cream and finished on the plinth with chocolate covered tears. The cake is made using only 65% ​​chocolate coating and 20/22 cocoa.

  • 02012112 Monster cake

    Spectacular cake, which mixes our best recipes, brownie cakes, with our special chocolate fudge cream and our genuine New York cheesecake. Decorated with rosette, chocolate crunch, chocolate ganache and caramel stripes. A cake show that mixes all the best of the USA.

  • Big original cheesecake

    Spectacular and gigantic cheesecake style New York cheesecake, filled with our genuine baked cream cheese, with a digestive biscuit base.


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