Children strawberry cake

Two layers of cake vanilla cake interspersed with a soft strawberry mousse. decorated Surface with chantilly. Giving a touch especially sheet original drawings.

Children’s chocolate cake

Cake of two layers of chocolate cake interspersed with a delicious mousse chocolate. Decorated in surface and chantilly cocoa. Giving a twist to Print of your favorite cartoon.

Pie Carrot Cake

Nice cake made sponge cake, carrot, raisins and spice with a cheese filling. Decorated with colored coconut and coverage orange which gives it a unique touch

Sacher chocolate cake

Three combinations of chocolate (60%) various forms: cake, truffles and ganache. With a soft layer of apricot compote. Intense taste of black chocolate

Cake chocolate delight

For lovers of chocolate cake with various layers of cake with a crunchy base and decorated with white chocolate chips.

Black Forest Cake

Pie consists of two layers of sponge interspersed with chocolate cream raspberries and cream. All covered in a cream chantilly, chocolate chips and cherries black.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Cake made with chocolate sponge cake, sandwiching layers of chocolate fudge cake, covered with a cover of black chocolate completely, giving a great visual atractive. Only suitable for gourmands and lovers of chocolate Cake, that will make a difference in your letter.

Strawberry tart

Composed of several layers of a juicy cake sandwiched with milkshake cream / strawberry and decorated with a striped raspberry jam.

Tiramisu Cake

Original and delicious coffee cake, Mascarpone cheese, cream and liqueur Grand Marsala with a thin layer of cacao as decoration. Original and traditional appearance.

Pie Queen

Original and delicious chocolate cake and cream, With a thin layer of egg, dado with a crisp almonds and decorated with cream rosettes and strawberry. Original look that you will make a difference.

Tart red fruit

Cake made with a soft fruit mousse and a thin red raspberry cream Red and black currants in surface giving a good visual appearance.

Black Forest Cake

Cake filled with a mousse of cream, Cover surface with chip black glossed with chocolate and icing sugar.

Chocolate cake

Cake filled with a delicious mousse Chocolate covered on its surface with tears of chocolate and cocoa shine.

Banana cake

Appetizing banana mousse cake, with a thin layer of banana cream and pieces of chocolate

Strawberry tart

Cake made with a soft mousse strawberry and a thin layer of strawberry cream white chip as decoration.

Lemon pie

Cake made with a soft lemon mousse and a thin layer of lemon cream with a chocolate pieces as decoration.