White Chocolate

Cake with four layers of vanilla sponge cake, filled with white chocolate mousse and white chocolate ganache, decorated with rosettes of white chocolate mousse and topping of white chocolate coating.

Death by chocolate

Sponge cake with two layers of rich chocolate, fudge filled with two chocolate, decorated with black chocolate topping.

Cake gató

Majorcan cake based almonds and egg with decor Print almond and icing sugar.

Brisa tart apple

Apple pie with shortbread base pasta, filled with a smooth custard apple cover (40%) and cooked.

Brisa raspberry tart

Sheet of sponge cake base Precut vanilla mousse stuffed fresh cheese (30%) and covered with raspberries whole and a delicious raspberry sauce.

Ibiza Flao

Traditional dessert with soft cheese filling cool, sweet grains and a hint of anise mint.

Basque cake

Traditional butter cake Filled with a soft vanilla cream and cherries inside.

Tarta de Santiago

Traditional pie with egg and almond butter with a score of sponge cake and juicy, distinctive aroma and taste.

Wedge figs

Cake based on sable tart dough, double stuffed a soft chocolate cream and a cake with figs.

Crumble Tart apples and berries

Sablé fine paste with a mixture of apples, raspberries and cherries (58%). Covered by a crunchy crumble placed by hand. 23 cms. diameter: Great crumble to pieces aspect home.

Pie-Cheese Cake with caramel

Traditional cheesecake with a delicious and crunchy biscuit base. All covered in a soft layer of caramel (25%). Premium ingredients for gourmets more demanding.