Markets increasingly demanding, increasingly well-informed consumers, customers with a growing demand for direct and personal attention... They receive no response if the team of BioPastis had not acquired skills and growing knowledge.
Behind each of our desserts is a large group of professionals and experts:

  • A designer product which initiates the production process from an internal or external demand.
  • A cook / baker who creates the ideal recipe, following traditional conventions and innovation.
  • Responsible for “components” that selects and custody of each product raw materials.
  • Biologist specialist in nutrition to guarantee the health of the food and the processes that generate it is entrusted.
  • A director of product enforces standards and certifications guarantee the final quality.
Equipo profesional


Science helps us to prepare more healthy and tasty desserts. Work to predict the evolution of food in specific environmental conditions, either a dessert or a school canteen tickets. Not in vain food is a living entity that obeys the laws of nature conservation. Knowing them allows us to discard extraneous additives or preservatives to the nature of raw materials.


When I prepare a new dessert recipe I think of the person who will, almost always as a final mouthful in which we seek pleasure and satisfaction. Rarely takes into account the nutritional value of dessert.
As cooks our obligation is not to forget that the dessert dietary factor contributing to the diet, not without pleasure that every good dessert to add to the act of eating.

Purchasing Manager

Leading our industry has been the result of valuing, above any other part, the quality of the raw materials we purchase. The search for the best products has led us to create true alliances with our suppliers to select following not only economic criteria. They know and accept our main objective: to offer consumers a natural, tasty and healthy product.