Fresh cheese and raspberry Sheet

Sheet basis of a sponge cake Precut vanilla mousse stuffed fresh cheese (30%) and covered with raspberries whole and a delicious raspberry sauce, which give a visual appeal.

Mar de plata pie Sheet

Traditional dessert pastry, vanilla cream and whipped cream mousse, covered with almond fillets and icing sugar.

Normandy apple pie Sheet

Apple and cinnamon cake filled with a soft caramel mousse, covered with rich cracker crumbs and white chocolate flakes.

Toledo Punch pie

Dessert typical soft mousse filling chocolate and a good marzipan from ‘Toledo’, Spain.

Black Forest Sheet

Cake with chocolate biscuit base filled with cream and decorated with some chips chocolate and icing sugar.

Coffee Sheet

Iron coffee flavored biscuit base, decorated with black caramel marbling, giving an attractive visual appearance.

Lemon Sheet

Sheet of biscuit base, filled with a Soft lemon mousse, decorated with an attractive lemon coverage.

Chocolate Sheet

Sheet of chocolate biscuit base, filled with layers of delicious mousse chocolate, decorated with an attractive cover of black chocolate