Apple tatin

Delicious dessert made individually quarter-baked apple with butter and sugar, on a crispy pastry.

Strawberry Swiss roll

Trunk rolled sponge cake, mousse filling strawberry and covered with a cover strawberry jam and decorated with shavings white chocolate.

Truffle Swiss roll

Trunk rolled sponge cake, filled with a Delicious dark chocolate mousse and decorated with a delicious chocolate flakes. A traditional recipe that satisfies all palates. Fondant looks and irresistible taste.

Hazelnut band

Cake band-shaped biscuit base Fill caramel and vanilla mousse chocolate. Decorated with a soft layer toffee, white chocolate balls and mini chip chocolate.

Mar de plata band

Typical band-shaped cake with biscuit base vanilla, more custard, pastry and cream and decorated with almonds and foil icing sugar.

Chocolate band

Dessert band shaped with several layers of rich chocolate mousse cake, decorated with ganache, white chocolate chip, chip chocolate and a touch of pure cocoa.

Black forest band

Traditional band shaped dessert with layers chocolate cake, raspberry and cream, Surface decorated with chocolate chip and raspberries and finally a touch of sugar glacé.

Millefeuille peach band

Band-shaped cake with layers pastry cream and decorated surface with peach, white chocolate chip and icing sugar.

Muffin Red Velvet

Fluffy chocolate cupcake with intense red, white chocolate chips in your interior and surface cracker crumbs.

Chocolate Muffin

Juicy chocolate chip cupcake inside chocolate and shredded coconut Roasted surface.